Kelly Garrett Leads Research on Facebook's Effect on Democracy

May 16, 2019
Kelly Garrett

We at CEHV are excited to share this article highlighting Professor Kelly Garrett at the OSU Scool of Communication. Professor Garrett leads one of 12 research groups that has been selected to receive Facebook's set of anonymized user data. Professor Garrett's project focuses on what the user data provides insight into how we share fake or suspicious news, insight that is difficult to gain from self-reporting. As Professor Garrett notes in the article, "People can’t reliably tell you, ‘I usually share stuff I haven’t bothered reading in middle of the night, in spring, on weekends’...People don’t know or have incentives not to tell you the truth.” 

Professor Garrett moderated a panel and participated in the 2018-2019 Technology COMPAS conference, "Fake News: Causes, Effects, Solutions". You can see the panel he moderated in the video below, and see the other panels from our Fake News conference by visiting our YouTube channel.