Michael Neblo Leads "Deliberative Town Hall" Initiative

November 27, 2018
Andrle, Neblo, and Burns

Ohio State University has reported that Professor Michael Neblo (political science), director of Institute for Democratic Engagement and Accountability (IDEA) and member of the CEHV steering committee, will present before new members of Congress the idea of a "deliberative town hall". The idea of a "deliberative town hall" is detailed in Professor Neblo's new book, Politics with the People: Building a Directly Representative Democracy, co-authored with Kevin Esterling (UC Riverside) and David Lazer (Northeastern).

Rather than an open platform that generally attracts citizens with established views or specific issues they want to focus on, the "deliberative town hall" specifically recruits citizens to serve as representatives of the relevant politician's constituency. Hosted online, the town hall is moderated by a neutral individual and covers a variety of difficult topics.

Due to the demonstrated success of deliberative town halls in Neblo, Esterling, and Lazer's studies, they have all been invited to present their work at the orientation for new members of Congress in December. 

Professor Neblo's work and its public recognition was recently covered by Ohio State University in a featured news story.

Congratulations Professor Neblo!