2017-18: Religion in Public Life

Across human cultures, religion has been one of the leading sources of both inspiration and conflict among individuals and groups. It has provided the motivation for some of the most significant movements for social reform, and for some of the most significant violations of fundamental moral norms. It has both supported and stood in opposition to domination and social hierarchy. Religious disagreements underlie some of the most contentious political disputes in this country and around the world.
The Religion COMPAS explores the contribution that religious beliefs and institutions can make, and the challenge that they can pose, to public life broadly construed. In keeping with the COMPAS program’s mission of fostering civil and informed discussion of important and controversial issues of public concern, we are soliciting contributions from a wide range of religious and non-religious perspectives. 

COMPAS Conferences

Each COMPAS program is able to support a number of conferences throughout the year.


COMPAS Colloquiua

The Religion COMPAS program put together a number of "Colloquia" which involve individual speakers and small panels discussing the Religion theme.


Religion related university events

Throughout the university, many events are being held related to the COMPAS theme of Religion. COMPAS regularly co-sponsors and advertises these events in an effort to bring further University resources to the forefront of the COMPAS conversation.