CEHV Mission Statement


Among the central concerns of humanistic study are questions of how to live and what is of value in human lives. These are especially pressing questions for citizens of an open society, whose extensive freedoms provide both the opportunity and the responsibility to reflect upon questions like these and to choose lives that contribute to the community in which they live. The Ohio State University Center for Ethics and Human Values is a research center that aims to advance the understanding of these questions by encouraging research and writing on topics of ethics and value, including the history of thought on these questions, and by providing a resource for public discussions of foundational and applied moral questions.

The Center helps the University fulfill its responsibilities to students, faculty, and the broader community by advancing and disseminating knowledge of these central aspects of human concern. It provides a venue and resource for ongoing discussions of ethical issues within and across disciplines at The Ohio State University, including issues that arise within the academic contexts of research and education, as well as issues that confront us all as human beings and citizens aspiring to live worthwhile and rewarding lives.

--From the proposal for the Center for Ethics and Human Values (approved 2016)

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