Ethics Circle

Ethics Circle


Introducing Ethics Circle

In Autumn 2019, faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and staff will have the opportunity to apply to a new fellowship program from CEHV, called Ethics Circle. Ethics Circle envisions a community of engaged university citizens trained to address ethical challenges in an informed and sustained way that reflects the University’s motto, “education for citizenship.” 

We often struggle to find time to reflect on ethical issues in a sustained way, and most departments and programs do not have in-house experts in ethics to provide guidance and support. Ethics Circle aims to provide faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and staff across the university an opportunity to develop their understanding of the underlying ethical issues in their work, and to do so within a community of fellow inquirers. Fellows will be given the tools to sensitively and more systematically address cutting-edge ethical challenges in their area of interest.

Why should you apply?

Every social and technological transformation presents complex ethical and social challenges. Whether thinking about bias in data analytics, the social impact of smart technology (from automated vehicles to technological unemployment), the challenge of sustainable food systems, or the promise and perils of new medical therapies, we often find it difficult to address satisfactorily the underlying ethical issues at stake. The same is true when thinking of broader social issues such as sustainable development, the role and limits of markets, the value and challenge of diversity, or social inequality. Each of these challenges raises questions about our moral and political rights, about our ideals and core values, and about how to weigh values against each other.

Ethics Circle offers you the chance to engage these issues under the mentorship of CEHV faculty, and with other Ohio State community members also seeking to enhance their understanding of ethical issues in their work.

Applicants will be asked to specify a project, describing an area of interest and an expected output (an academic paper, a piece of public writing, a grant proposal, instructional materials or lesson plans, a piece of artwork, etc.). 

What will the program involve?

The semester-long program -- beginning in Spring 2020 -- kicks off with a half-day workshop allowing fellows get to know each other, and including a whirl-wind introduction to the leading ethical traditions in Western philosophy. 

The workshop will be followed by monthly dinners with the community of fellows -- the Ethics Circle -- in which each participant presents their project question to the other fellows, and leads a discussion.

It will also involve regular meetings with a CEHV mentor.

Successful completion of the program will result in a $500 fellowship award.

Look for our announcement this autumn, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact our Director, Piers Turner