CARE Training Program

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CARE Training Program in the Responsible Conduct of Research


Building on our Conversations About Research Ethics (CARE) panel discussions, CEHV offers a training program in the responsible conduct of research for faculty, graduate and professional students, and postdocs seeking to satisfy federal ethics guidelines. Complementary to compliance-focused trainings, the program encourages discussion of cutting-edge issues in an evolving field. Others professionally interested in research ethics may also register for the program.

Launched in Spring 2020, registration has opened for the Autumn 2022 Semester.  

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Distinctive Features of the CARE Training Program

The CARE Training Program is multidisciplinary, foundational, exploratory, and ethicist-led:

  • Multidisciplinary – convening researchers from across campus
  • Foundational – focusing on core values and principles, not just procedural ethics
  • Exploratory – inviting reflection and discussion on real-world cases
  • Ethicist-led – each session moderated by PhD trained ethicists from CEHV

CEHV's CARE Coordinators are Prof. Dana Howard and Prof. Pamela Salsberry.

About the CARE Training Program

The format of the program involves 8 discussion-based training sessions per semester, led and moderated by CARE Coordinator Prof. Dana Howard, an ethicist with expertise in research ethics and integrity. Each session will utilize a “flipped classroom model” in which participants watch a video of a related CARE panel discussion and read a curated set of readings prior to engaging in substantive face-to-face discussions of case studies that highlight the distinctive ethical challenges facing researchers.

Topics to be covered in the sessions include:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Protection of human subjects and the ethics of animal research
  • Mentorship relationships
  • Collaborative research
  • Authorship and publication
  • Data sharing and privacy
  • The researcher as a responsible member of society
  • Environmental and societal impacts of research

*For more information on federal RCR guidelines, see or

Successful completion of the CARE Training Program will require regular attendance and participation in discussion sessions.

Registration and Meeting Dates

CARE Training Program sessions will be held from 1:15pm—2:15pm on the following Mondays:

Tentative Schedule

  • September 12 -- Ethical Challenges of Mentorship in Research
  • September 19 -- Are Just Partnerships Possible in University-Community Research? 
  • October 3 -- Ethics of Animal Research
  • October 17 -- Ethical Challenges in the use of Biospecimens and Biorepositories 
  • October 31 -- Conflicts of Interest
  • November 14 -- Ethics of High Risk Research
  • November 28 -- Ethics of Informed Consent
  • December 5 -- Ethics of Co-Authorship in Research

Participants are expected to attend all eight sessions; missing more than one session will result in an ‘incomplete’ that can be completed the following semester.

Participants are also encouraged to attend the four CARE Panels scheduled for the Autumn 2022 semester. These will take place from 12:00pm-1:00pm on September 19 (in person), October 17 (online), November 14, and December 5.  

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If you have questions about the CARE Training Program, please write to CEHV Director Piers Turner,