COMPAS Points is a bulletin of the Center for Ethics and Human Values (CEHV) highlighting original work related to the aims of the COMPAS programCOMPAS Points Volume 1 reports on a series of online deliberative forums on economic inequality and opportunity that CEHV supported using a platform provided to us by the Kettering Foundation called “Common Ground for Action.” This research was led by CEHV Steering Committee member and political science professor Michael Neblo.
COMPAS Points is not just the name of the bulletin, but also the name of a new program in which CEHV is helping to support faculty and graduate students who are doing original research on the core deliberative values that COMPAS seeks to promote. We hope that COMPAS Points will eventually report on other original research, such as short essays by program participants or data visualizations using the Maximin educational platform that we are developing, that reflect and promote the aims of the COMPAS program.
We are especially grateful for the help of Ohio State’s First Year Success Series. Working with them, more than 200 first-year students enrolled in our deliberative forums. We were heartened by the results. At a time of great political polarization and presumed political apathy among young people, Ohio State students welcomed the chance to deliberate with their peers rather than retreat to partisan positions. Over time, we hope to use these forums to learn more about what and how Ohio State students think about a variety of important social and political issues.
You can learn what Ohio State students believe about economic inequality, security, and opportunity by reading COMPAS Points Volume 1.
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