2022-2023 COMPAS Program: Education in Our Democracy


CEHV’s 2022-23 COMPAS Program, "Education in Our Democracy", focuses attention on questions of how we might make meaning and increase understanding within the context of our pluralistic society.

Education, whether it occurs in K-12 settings, the university, or beyond, seems especially well-suited to guide citizens in better appreciating facts and continue in their development of those skills necessary for life together. But, what should be done when citizens disagree about what ought to be taught? What obligations might educational institutions have to the greater public they seek to serve? What dangers to democracy might be forestalled by "good" education – or exacerbated under its flawed forms? How are these questions complicated within a social and political context marked by increasingly diverse views, values, and knowledge standards? 

While these questions are, perhaps, never very far from the minds of members of a university community, recent legal and political contests may have placed them at the forefront of far broader conversations. Understanding the serious ethical stakes of these interrelated concerns, this year's COMPAS program invites collective consideration of Education in Our Democracy.

As ever, we welcome collaborative partnerships. Please contact CEHV Director Piers Turner (turner.894@osu.edu) or COMPAS Coordinator Winston C. Thompson (thompson.3588@osu.edu).

Spring 2023 Events


February 3, 2023 - Colloquium: What Should Civic Education Become in the 21st Century?


Panelists: Angela Banks (Law, Arizona State University); Peter Levine (Citizenship & Public Affairs, Tufts); moderator: Winston Thompson (Educational Studies, OSU).


February 24, 2023 - Colloquium: Should We Reconsider Sex and Education?


Panelists: Lauren Bialystok (Social Justice Education, University of Toronto); Jennifer Hirsch (Public Health, Columbia University); moderator Dana Howard (Philosophy and Bioethics, OSU).


March 27, 2023 - Colloquium: What Universities Owe Democracy (co-organized with Professor David Staley)


Panelists: Ronald J. Daniels (President of Johns Hopkins University and author of What Universities Owe Democracy); Michael Ignatieff (Former Rector and President of Central European University); moderator David J. Staley (History, OSU).


April 25, 2023 - Colloquium: Are Trust and Safety Possible When We Learn Online? 


Panelists: Nina Jankowicz (Centre for Information Resilience); Nicolas Burbules (University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign); moderator Winston Thompson (Educational Studies, OSU).


Fall 2022 Events


September 9, 2022 - Colloquium: Why Integrate Schools in Our Segregated World?

Thompson Library 165

Panelists: Erica O. Turner (Educational Policy Studies, The University of Wisconsin-Madison); Lawrence Blum (Philosophy and Liberal Arts and Education, The University of Massachusetts Boston); moderator Dinorah Sanchez Loza (Department of Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University).


September 19, 2022 - COMPAS/CARE Panel on ​​Justice in University/Community Partnerships

Thompson Library 165


Panelists: Ronald Glass (Professor, Philosophy of Education, UC Santa Cruz); Timothy San Pedro (Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University)


October 7, 2022 - COMPAS Conference: Should Education Be Less Divisive?

Pomerene Hall Ideation Zone

VIDEO: Is our Curriculum Divisive?

VIDEO: Are our Students' Identities Divisive?

VIDEO: Keynote and Discussion

KeynoteSigal Ben-Porath (Professor, Graduate School of Education and Political Science, University of Pennsylvania); followed by conversation with Ohio State Provost Melissa L. Gilliam.

Other Confirmed Panelists: Hasan Kwame Jeffries (Associate Professor, History, Ohio State); Cris Mayo (Professor, Education, University of Vermont); Zein Murib (Assistant Professor, Political Science, Fordham University); Clifford Rosky (Professor, Law, University of Utah); Moderator: ​​Mollie Blackburn (Professor, Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University).


December 2, 2022 - COMPAS Colloquium: Are Universities Too Costly?

Pomerene Hall Partner Room


Panelists: Christopher Martin (Associate Professor, Economics, Philosophy, and Political Science, Education, Faculty of Management, Philosophy, University of British Columbia); Jennifer Morton (Associate Professor, Philosophy and Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania); Moderator Shanna Smith Jaggars (Assistant Vice Provost and director of the Student Success Research Lab, The Ohio State University)