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ETHOS Fellows


Ziaeefard Saeedeh (College of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Mandana Ashouri (Enterprise for Research, Innovation, and Knowledge, Technology Commercialization)
Kirby Bell (Student Life - Student Conduct)
Batra-Wells, Puja (College of Arts and Sciences, Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme)
Deborah Grzybowski (College of Engineering, Department of Engineering Education)
Shannon M. Peltier (Office of Academic Affairs)
Nicholas La Torre (Student Life - Student Conduct)
Rustin Moore (Veterinary Medicine - College Administration)
Mary A. Spittler (College of Veterinary Medicine)
Tiffany Costello (College of Veterinary Medicine, VTH-Radiology)
Sue Knoblaugh (College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Biosciences)
 Jonathan Yardley (College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Clinical Sciences)
Eric Schroeder (College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Clinical Sciences)
Cal King (Computer Science & Engineering)
Angela Marolf (Veterinary Medicine - Veterinary Clinical Sciences)
Prosper Boyaka (College of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Biosciences)
Sandra Dawkins (College of Veterinary Medicine, Vet Med Administration)
Annie Fahrbach (College of Veterinary Medicine, Vet Med Administration)
Paul Hogan (College of Veterinary Medicine - College Administration)


Sharon Amacher (Molecular Genetics)
Elaine Armbruster (Office of Marketing and Communications)
Katherine Borland (Comparative Studies)
Kristin Bushong (Office of Marketing and Communications)
Jay Delaney (Advancement)
Lori Harris (Ohio State University Physicians Inc.)
Ravinder Kaur (Fisher College of Business)
Michelle McKinniss (Marion Campus - Student Life)
Lane Piska (Philosophy and History of Education )
Dr. Mary Rodriguez (Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership)
Rick Shaffer (Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) and Center of Microbiome Science (CoMS); Enterprise for Research, Innovation,  and Knowledge (ERIK))
Andrew Wapner (Public Health)
Kris Wethington (Academic Advising)


Raya Cupler (Acute Care, Wexner Medical Center)
Kayley Irwin (Medicine, Wexner Medical Center)
Thomas McDow (Department of History, ASC)
William Mills (Office of Technology & Digital Innovation)
Jessica Parent (Office of Diversity and Inclusion)
Tamera Tandy (Office of Human Resources)
April Weintritt (Department of French and Italian, ASC)
Kayla Wright (Graduate School)
Amanda Wurst (Office of Marketing and Communications)


Jordan Alexander (Office of Student Life)
Heidi Bobek (College of Nursing, Nursing-Academic Teaching Team)
Sahara Buzzitta (College of Optometry, Main Clinic)
RJ Byrnes (College of Nursing, Student Affairs and Success)
Nancy Colvin (University Libraries)
Vondolee Delgado-Nixon (College of Optometry, Optometry Academics)
Thomas Dickens (University Libraries)
Melanie DiFeo (Fisher College of Business)
Stephanie Franks (Office of Human Resources)
Michele Gregory (Wexner Medical Center Advancement)
Carolyn Gunther (Martha S. Pitzer Center for Women, Children and Youth; College of Nursing)
Estrella Jacobsen (Office of Student Life)
Leah Halper (Office of Student Life)
Morgan Hammonds (Office of Student Life)
David Isaacs (Office of Student Life)
Ciana Krymskiy (Ohio State Alumni Association)
Amy Mackos (College of Nursing, Nursing-Academic Teaching Team)
Lindsey Markiewicz-McIntyre (Office of the Senior Vice President for Advancement)
Ladun Olateru-Olagbegi (College of Nursing, Community Outreach and Engagement)
Laura Palko (Office of Technology and Digital Innovation)
Jen Pelletier (Office of Student Life)
Jenna Price (Office of Technology and Digital Innovation)
Moe Samad (Office of Student Life)
Kelly Smith (Office of Student Life Student Conduct)
Qiana Smith (Office of Student Life)
Anh Thu Thai (College of Nursing, Community Health Research Team)
Cynthia Turner (Fisher College of Business, Office of the Dean)
Suzanne Wiles (Ohio State University Alumni Association)


Suzanne Bartle-Haring (Education and Human Ecology - Human Sciences; Columbus Campus)
Steven Blalock (Arts & Sciences - Honors & Scholars; Columbus Campus)
Robert Decatur (Office of Diversity and Inclusion; Columbus Campus)
Lesha Farias (Outreach; Newark Campus)
Kaprea Johnson (Education and Human Ecology - Educational Studies; Columbus Campus)
Michael Kelvington (OSU Army ROTC - Military Science; Columbus Campus)
Neal McKinney (Education and Human Ecology - Educational Studies; Columbus Campus)
Kayode Odumboni (Arts & Sciences - English; Columbus Campus)
Eric Sette (Public Health and Fisher College of Business; Columbus Campus)
Alexandra Sommer (Athletic Department - Student-Athlete Support; Columbus Campus)
Sara Vasko-Bennett (Medicine; Columbus Campus)
Kyle Williams (Office of the President)


Lisa Barclay (Engineering - Diversity, Outreach, & Inclusion; Columbus Campus)
Kelsey Bonacci (Nursing - Marketing & Communications; Columbus Campus)
Mary Alice Casey (University Marketing - Alumni Magazine; Columbus Campus)
Megan Cavanaugh (Wexner Center for the Arts)
Jill Davis (John Glenn College of Public Affairs; Columbus Campus)
Amy Ferketich (Public Health - Epidemiology; Columbus Campus)
Beth Flynn (FAES - ACEL/OSU Leadership Center; Columbus Campus)
Dorian Harrison (Teaching & Learning; Newark Campus)
Megan Hasting (Public Affairs - Professional Development; Columbus Campus)
DaVonti' Haynes (FAES - ACEL; Columbus Campus)
Donna Hight (Student Life; Mansfield Campus)
Willie Ho (Office of Access & Outreach; Newark Campus)
Darryl Hood (Public Health - Environmental Health Sciences; Columbus Campus)
Mike Kaylor (Arts & Sciences - Technology Services; Columbus Campus)
Kioshana LaCount Burrell (Advancement - Alumni Association; Columbus Campus)
Mary Leciejewski (Facilities, Operations, and Development - Zero Waste; Columbus Campus)
Courtney Mankowski (Office of Research Compliance; Columbus Campus)
Amanda Morrison (Advancement - Alumni Association; Columbus Campus)
Alison Norris (Public Health - Epidemiology; Columbus Campus)
Nina Parshall (Engineering - Office of Graduate Education; Columbus Campus)
Meagen Rinard (Public Affairs - Student Services Office; Columbus Campus)
Jen Robb (Engineering - Diversity, Outreach, & Inclusion; Columbus Campus)
Yvette Shen (Arts & Sciences - Design; Columbus Campus)
Olga Stavridis (Engineering - Diversity, Outreach, & Inclusion; Columbus Campus)
Laura Stehura (Administration & Planning; Columbus Campus)
Kelly Stevelt (Wexner Center for the Arts)
Colby Taylor (Office of Diversity & Inclusion; Columbus Campus)
Lauren Todd (Nursing - Clinical Placement; Columbus Campus)
David Tomasko (Engineering - Undergraduate Education and Student Services; Columbus Campus)
Christine Trapp (Academic Advising; Marion Campus)
Jasmine Whiteside (Arts & Sciences - Sociology; Columbus Campus)