ETHOS Fellows Program

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The ETHOS Fellows Program is a 6-session certificate program that:

  • Introduces faculty, staff, and students to the values underlying the University's Shared Values Initiative
  • Invites discussion of the significance and application of those values in their work, and
  • Empowers participants to develop further values-based events or projects in their home units

Participants must commit to advancing values-based efforts in their colleges, departments, or other units, by hosting discussions, events, or other projects. Completion of the program will result in a $500 project fund, consultation from CEHV to initiate efforts, and ongoing collaboration among fellows facilitated by CEHV.


The ETHOS Fellows Program is open to faculty, staff, and students interested in advancing values-based decisioning-making in their units or organizations. Sessions will be led by ETHOS Fellows Program coordinator Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer and CEHV Director Piers Turner, with guest presenters.


The program begins in Spring 2021. Applications are due January 15, 2021.

The program will meet from 12:00pm - 1:15pm on the following Wednesdays: February 3 & 17, March 3 & 17, April 7 & 21.


  1. Excellence and Impact: Demonstrating leadership in pursuit of our vision and mission
  2. Diversity and innovation: Welcoming differences and making connections among people and ideas
  3. Inclusion and equity: Upholding equal rights and advancing institutional fairness
  4. Care and compassion: Attending to the well-being of individuals and communities
  5. Integrity and respect: Acting responsibly and being accountable
  6. Project discussion and next steps


Participants must attend all sessions, barring some exceptional circumstance. To complete the program, they must also produce an outline of a values engagement event or project in their unit, to be shared at the final meeting for discussion and possible collaboration with other fellows. Completion will result in a commitment of $500 by CEHV or sponsoring unit to support that event or project.

HOW TO APPLY: check this space for application link soon

  • Interested individuals may self-nominate here. Space is limited.
  • Colleges, departments, or other units may also nominate and sponsor someone for the program (with commitment to provide the $500 fund for values-related efforts).

The ETHOS Fellows Program is part of the Center for Ethics and Human Values' development of the research, teaching & learning, and other academic elements of the Shared Values Initiative at The Ohio State University. If you have further questions, please contact CEHV Director Piers Turner, .