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Ethics Circle Fellows

Ethics Circle

The following Ohio State students, staff, and faculty members have completed CEHV's Ethics Circle fellowship program. Individuals with an asterisk before their name have additionally earned the Drake Institute “Teaching Ethics and Human Values” Endorsement.



Spring 2022

*Christmas, Alesondra (Alex). Department of Dance, College of Arts and Sciences. "Developing a Scarlet Canvas Course to Support Anti-Racist Thought and Action within the Dance Field”

Church, Anna. Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences.  “The ‘Two Patient Problem’: Ethics of Obstetric Care”

Foulis, Elena. Department of Spanish and Portuguese, College of Arts and Sciences. “The Ethics of Working with Latina/o/x Communities in the US”

Schmidt, Boomer. Wexner Center for the Arts. “Philanthropy & Social Justice: How they Intersect with, Complement, and Sometimes Oppose One Another”

Skidmore, Jeffrey. Department of Otolaryngology, College of Medicine.  “Ethical Guidelines for Commercialization of Innovative Research”

Steinman, Kenneth J. Department of Human Sciences, College of Education and Human Ecology. “Is adult protective services cost effective?  The ethics of expecting social programs to have a return on investment”

Zhang, Xueru. Department of Computer Science and Engineering. “Fair Machine Learning with Humans in Feedback Loops”

Spring 2021

*Ataei, Susan. Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Human Ecology. “Conducting Qualitative Research with Children Under 12”

*Bulkowski, Kristi. OSU Medical Center. “Ethics at the End of Life”

*Kraft, Nicole. School of Communication, College of Arts and Sciences. “College Journalist’s Code of Ethics”

*Melsop, Susan. Department of Design, College of Arts and Sciences. “Design Matters”

Naghizadeh, Parinaz. Departments of Integrated Systems Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering. “The Long-Term Economic and Ethical Implications of Algorithmic Decision Making”

Norris, Davon. Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences. “On the Fringes of Creditworthiness: Innovations in Credit Scoring and the Future of Racial Inequality in the algorithmic Age”

*Rudoff, Mark. School of Music, College of Arts and Sciences. “Course Module Sketch: Ethical Considerations in Studio Teaching”


Spring 2020

*Fitzgerald, Elizabeth. College of Nursing. “Strengthening Moral Courage Among Nurses Who Volunteer in Free Health Clinics During Times of Adversity and Risk”

*Grzybowski, Deborah. Department of Engineering Education, College of Engineering. “Alignment of New GE Goals & Learning Outcomes with Esports & Game Studies UG Major and PHILOS 2455”

*Haynes, DaVonti’. Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership; College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. “Developing the Ethical Dimensions of the Pathways Program”

Malloy, Sam. Battelle Center for Science, Engineering, and Public Policy; John Glenn College of Public Affairs. “A Website for The Salon: A Campus Conversation on the Social Impacts of Science”

*McClure, Sean. Department of Residence Life, Office of Student Life. “International Student Support: A Guide for Cross Cultural Dialogue”

*Odumboni, Kayode. Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences. “Developing a Module on Global Citizenship for a Syllabus on Immigration and Refugee Literature in the U.S.”

*Wiggins, Leticia. WOSU Public Media. “Thinking about Representation and Diversity in Public Media”


*Earned the Drake Institute “Teaching Ethics and Human Values” Endorsement