CEHV Director; Associate Professor of Philosophy and (by courtesy) Political Science
368 University Hall

Associate Director and CEHV Staff

CEHV Fiscal and Human Resources Officer
President, Maximin Student Group; CEHV Student Assistant
CEHV Postdoctoral Researcher
Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer
CARE program manager; Graduate Administrative Associate

Steering Committee

Gregory Hitzhusen
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, School of Environment and Natural Resources
469E Kottman Hall
Dana Howard
Instructor in the Division of Bioethics, Department of Biomedical Education and Anatomy, Steering Committee Member for CEHV
Associate Professor of Political Science; Chair of Steering Committee for Philosophy, Politics and Economics program
2026 Derby Hall
Michael Neblo
Professor of Political Science; Director, Institute for Democratic Engagement and Accountability
2114 Derby Hall
Pamela Salsberry
Professor of Health Behavior and Health Promotion, Associate Dean for Community Outreach and Engagement, College of Public Health
353 Cunz Hall
Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Studies
Bryan Weaver
Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Advisory Board

Kate Bartter
Executive Director, Sustainability Institute
Trevor Brown
Dean of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs
350A Page Hall
Executive Director, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
Donald Hubin
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and founding Director of CEHV
350 University Hall
Jan Weisenberger
Senior Associate Vice President, Office of Research
208 Bricker Hall
Karla Zadnik
Dean, College of Optometry; Co-Chair, Institutional Review Board; Chair, IRB Policy Committee
641 Fry Hall

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Ann Allen
Associate Professor of Educational Studies
Jeffrey Bielicki
Assistant Professor of Public Affairs and Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering
John Brooke
Humanities Distinguished Professor of History; Director, OSU Center for Historical Research
273 Dulles Hall
Jeremy Brooks
Assistant Professor
469D Kottman Hall
Michelle Brown
Administrative Associate
350 University Hall
Jill Bystydzienski
Chair and Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Joyce Chen
Assistant Professor of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics
324 Ag Administration
Jill Clark
Assistant Professor of Public Affairs and Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering
210N Page Hall
Amy Cohen
Associate Professor in Law
Jeffrey Cohen
Professor of Anthropology
4022 Smith Laboratory
Justin D'Arms
Professor of Philosophy
350 University Hall
Associate Professor of Public Policy
310N Page Hall
Joshua Dressler
Distinguished University Professor and Frank R. Strong Chair in Law
Rachel Dwyer
Associate Professor, Sociology
Nancy Ettlinger
Associate Professor of Geography
Reanne Frank
Associate Professor of Sociology
219 Townshend Hall
Kevin Freeman
Program Coordinator of the Politics, Society, and Law Scholars program
Gates Garrity-Rokous
Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Amanda Girth
Assistant Professor in Public Affairs
310L Page Hall
Helena Goscilo
Professor and Chair of Slavic and Eastern European Languages
400F Hagerty Hall
Tom Hawkins
Associate Professor of Classics, Director of Undergraduate Studies
414 E. University Hall
Professor, Moritz College of Law; Director, Program on Data and Governance
Casey Hoy
Professor, Kellogg Endowed Chair in Agricultural Ecosystem Management
Steven Huefner
Associate Dean of Clinical Programs and Professor at College of Law
225G Drinko Hall
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Clinical Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy
Eden Lin
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Robert E. Livingston
Associate Director, Humanities Institute; Senior Lecturer in Comparative Studies
103 Knight House
Kenneth Madsen
Associate Professor of Geography
Benjamin McKean
Assistant Professor of Political Science
William Minozzi
Associate Professor of Political Science
2137 Derby Hall
Richard Moore
Executive Director, Environmental Sciences Network
Stephanie Moulton
Assistant Professor in Public Affairs
310U Page Hall
Ryan Nash
Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities
2194 Graves Hall
Jan Nespor
Professor of Education
101B Ramseyer Hall
Alison Norris
Associate Professor, College of Public Health
Associate Professor, College of Nursing
Gregory Otterson
Professor, Internal Medicine, College of Medicine
Thomas Papadimos
Professor of Medicine, Clinical Anesthesiology
Kevin Passino
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
416 Dreese Laboratory
James Phelan
Distinguished University Professor of English
452 Denney Hall
Jos Raadschelders
Professor and Associate Director of Faculty of Public Affairs
350D Page Hall
Anne Ralph
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
Drinko 333
Carson Reider
Clinical Research Consultant and Research Subject Advocate at the Center for Clinical and Translational Science
2114 Davis Medical Research Building
Dakota Rudesill
Assistant Professor of Law
Drinko 204
Eric Seiber
Assistant Professor of Health Services Management and Policy
5052 Smith Labs
Peter Shane
Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law
Drinko 467
Amy Shuman
Professor of English, Anthropology, and Folklore Studies; Director of Disability Services
566 Denney Hall
Brent Sohngen
Professor, Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
322 Agricultural Administration Building
Isadore and Ida Topper Professor of Law, Moritz College of Law
Hugh Urban
Religion COMPAS Consultant; Director, Center for the Study of Religion; Professor, Department of Comparative Studies
Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Latina/o Studies Program Faculty
2072 Derby Hall
Caroline Wagner
Associate Professor, Ambassador Milton A. and Roslyn Z. Wolf Chair in International Affairs
250E Page Hall
Christopher Walker
Assistant Professor of Law
469 Drinko Hall
Bryan Warnick
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies; Assoc Dean-Curr/UGSS/Care Srvs, Office of Academic Affairs
Isaac Weiner
Religion COMPAS Consultant; Associate Director, Center for the Study of Religion; Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Studies
433 Hagerty Hall
Amy Youngs
Associate Professor of Art
258 Hopkins Hall