Drake Institute Endorsement on Teaching Ethics and Human Values



Ethics Circle
Ethics Circle

Beginning in Spring 2020, CEHV began hosting a teaching endorsement with the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning entitled Teaching Ethics and Human Values.

Through regular meetings and individual mentorship by CEHV faculty, the program offers instructors across Ohio State an opportunity to improve their understanding of ethical issues in their areas of interest and address them effectively in their teaching.

Six Ethics Circle fellows have so far received a Drake Institute certification for Teaching Ethics and Human Values.

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Teaching Ethics and Human Values

The "Teaching Ethics and Human Values" Drake Institute endorsement is built on CEHV's Ethics Circle fellowship program. It includes a half-day workshop, monthly dinner meetings with other Ethics Circle fellows, a teaching strategies session, and mentorship from CEHV faculty toward the development of relevant instructional materials.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify and understand the leading moral traditions in Western philosophy
  • Devise lesson plans that will encourage effective student engagement with ethical questions
  • Lead discussion about ethical challenges in their area of interest
  • Implement strategies for respectful ethical deliberation amidst moral disagreement

Participation requirements include:

  • Application, including brief description of a project developing instructional materials in the participant’s area of interest
  • Attend a half-day workshop introducing moral theories and other participants
  • Attend 5 monthly dinners with other fellows in CEHV’s Ethics Circle program, including leading a discussion about one’s project
  • Attend a teaching strategies workshop surveying classroom techniques to promote effective engagement of ethical issues and respectful classroom discussion
  • Meet a CEHV faculty mentor in three 1-hour meetings to discuss progress of project, development of instructional materials, teaching methods; follow-up and ongoing communication by email
  • Complete project developing effective instructional materials in area of interest, which will contribute to an online teaching repository available to Ohio State instructors

Participants receive a $500 fellowship award upon successful completion of the Ethics Circle program.

If you have questions about the program, please contact CEHV Director, Piers Turner.