COMPAS Conference: Religion in Global Context

Religion in the Global Context
April 13, 2018
All Day
Thompson Library, 11th Floor


How has religion contributed to the pursuit of world peace?  How has it served as a source of global conflict and violence?  Does religious belief play an essential role in bringing about moral progress?  Are religious conflicts really about religion?


8:45a - 9:00a - Welcoming Remarks

  • Don Hubin, Director of the Center for Ethics and Human Values


9:00a - 10:30a - Session 1: Religion and Global Conflict


11:00a - 12:30p - Session 2: Religion and Global Cooperation

  • Speakers
    • Azza Karam (Senior Socio-cultural Adviser, UNFPA)
    • Donald A. Sylvan (Political Science, Ohio State University)
  • Moderator

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