Inequality Photo Contest


The Center for Ethics and Human Values' 2016-17 COMPAS Program on Inequality is pleased to announce the winners of its photo contest!

Moral concern with inequality is about far more than economic inequalities. It is also about political, legal, educational, and health inequalities and how these interact with each other. It’s also about how these inequalities connect with underlying issues of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, LGBTQ status, geography, and other factors. These different dimensions of inequality are often difficult to appreciate, especially when we do not experience them firsthand. A photograph can change this. A photograph can force us to confront the significance of inequalities we often overlook. Submissions will be evaluated both for artistic merit and for how they explore issues related to the COMPAS theme.

Undergraduate/Graduate Students

March to the Capitol

1st Place: Ingrid Raphael, "The March to the Capitol"
2nd Place: Bella Kitzis, "Roles"
Low Yielding Maize

3rd Place: Nall Moonilall, "Low Yielding Maize"
Outside the Walls

Honorable Mention: Chris Baggott, "Outside the Walls"


Cultural Decor

1st Place: Julie Rae Powers, "Cultural* Decor"


2nd Place: Adam Brown, "Silence"




Co-1st Place: Holly Curry, "Twenty-One"

80 Cents on the Dollar

Co-1st Place: Holly Curry, "80 Cents on the Dollar"


2nd Place: Jason Joseph, "Separation"

In a Cage

3rd Place: Yu Tsumura, "In a Cage"