CEHV releases "The 4Cs of Civil Discourse," a free online course

February 7, 2024

CEHV releases "The 4Cs of Civil Discourse," a free online course


The Center for Ethics and Human Values is pleased to announce its new Scarlet Canvas course entitled:

The 4Cs: Virtues of Civil Discourse

By introducing the 4Cs of civil discourse — Be Curious , Be Charitable, Be Conscientious, and Be Constructive — this course will help you build civic trust through improved mutual understanding and shared problem-solving, even when you disagree strongly on contentious social and political issues.

Produced by CEHV in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Distance Education, the course is free and open to everyone: students, educators, and citizens alike. 

The course is the latest in a set of mutually-reinforcing opportunities and programs CEHV has developed as part of its Civil Discourse for Citizenship program. Our programs include a 3-credit course (ARTSSCI 2400), a fellows program and civil discourse forums, a teaching endorsement, and tailored workshops for different groups. 

If you have questions, or would like to partner with CEHV on civil discourse work, please reach out to our Civil Discourse Program Director, Dr. Kathryn Joyce (joyce.173@osu.edu).