CEHV/Olentangy Berlin Partnership off to Successful Start

October 28, 2021

CEHV/Olentangy Berlin Partnership off to Successful Start

Backs of students seated at desks and listening to Lisa Shabel speak on Descartes, whose image appears on a projector screen, as does a CEHV logo.

On Monday, October 25, 74 Olentangy Berlin High School students came to school after hours to hear Ohio State philosophy professor Lisa Shabel speak on the work of René Descartes and its continuing relevance. 

Professor Shabel's lecture, titled "Your Thinking Self", represented the relaunch of a new partnership between the Center for Ethics and Human Values and Olentangy Berlin's Humanities Club.

Through programs such as an evening public lecture series, the CEHV/Olentangy Berlin partnership will encourage high school students and other members of the general public to think deeply and engage meaningfully with topics of philosophical importance.