Center Director Don Hubin featured in Ohio State Insights

October 27, 2017
Don Hubin

CEHV Director, Don Hubin was recently featured in an article as part of Ohio State Insights. From their website:

"Each week, Ohio State Insights provides you with a series of topics from trusted researchers and thought leaders at The Ohio State University. We cover everything from health and wellness to sustainability to politics and policy."

For the article, Hubin, along with Professor Bryan Choi, took part in a discussion on the ethics of driverless vehicles. As the article sets up:

"Imagine a time in the not-so-distant future. You’re heading down the road in your driverless car when another car comes barreling at you head-on. What does your autonomous vehicle do? Does it swerve off the road and risk hurting pedestrians? Does it crash into the other car, possibly injuring the occupants?"
Check out the article to find insights from both Professors Hubin and Choi on this pressing issue. You can also learn more by checking out the archived video from the Center's 2015 conference on Moral Algorithms and Autonomous Vehicles