Frances FitzGerald lecture on the front page of the Dispatch!

November 7, 2017
Frances FitzGerald

A story on Frances FitzGerald's lecture and panel discussion is featured on the front page of today's Columbus Dispatch!

Ms. FitzGerald kicked off the evening's event with a short lecture outlining the history of the American Evangelical movement and its relationship to political movements over time. She then sat down to a lively discussion with Tim Ahrens (Senior Minister of First Congregational Church, UCC in downtown Columbus), and Rich Nathan (Senior Pastor of Vineyard Columbus), moderated by Paul Beck (Political Science, Ohio State). Much of the discussion centered around understanding the role of Evangelicals in the past election cycle. The conversation was then opened up to the audience who grappled with questions concerning the roles of churches in politics as well as the divides and misconceptions that plague the Evangelical movement. Finally, the audience was invited to continue the conversation with Ms. FitzGerald and the panelists at a reception.

Missed the lecture? Want to share your favorite moment? Watch the video recording of the event.