New Book by CEHV/Pharmacy Postdoc: The Environmental Impact of Overpopulation

February 29, 2020

New Book by CEHV/Pharmacy Postdoc: The Environmental Impact of Overpopulation

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In an era of climate change, extinction, and other ecological crises, do we have a moral duty to slow population growth?

Trevor Hedberg, current CEHV/College of Pharmacy Postdoctoral Researcher, argues that we do in his new book, The Environmental Impact of Overpopulation: The Ethics of Procreation (Routledge). Hedberg also assesses the implications of this duty for public policy and individual procreative decisions, and explores difficult questions and dilemmas that arise. 

The Environmental Impact of Overpopulation will be released in hardcover on May 5, 2020, and is currently available for preorder at the publisher's webpage.

Praise for The Environmental Impact of Overpopulation:

"Philosophers and ethicists have begun to enter the discussion of overpopulation in recent years, but it has been slow and piecemeal. Until now. Trevor Hedberg’s book is an impressively thorough investigation into the ethical and policy issues raised by our ever-increasing numbers." -- Travis N. Rieder, Director of the Master of Bioethics degree program, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, US

"Trevor Hedberg summarizes the most credible empirical evidence and best moral arguments regarding population growth. He also presents original arguments that are subtle and convincing. Furthermore, the book is accessibly written, clear, and persuasive. It’s definitely a must read for anyone interested in this topic!" -- Ramona C. Ilea, Professor and Philosophy Department Chair, Pacific University, US