NEW OSU UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR: Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

August 23, 2018

NEW OSU UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR: Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

Students engaged in discussion during class at Ohio State.


Two members of the Center for Ethics and Human Values steering committee, Eric MacGilvray (Political Science) and Piers Turner (Philosophy), are spearheading the introduction of a new undergraduate major at Ohio State called Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE)—pending final approval by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Please let your undergraduates know!



What is PPE?

Starting in Oxford in the 1920s, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) programs have spread to over a hundred universities around the world—now including Ohio State! The PPE major offers both broad and rigorous training in the foundations of three disciplines—Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics—with a critical perspective on the concepts and institutions that they study. The analytical tools and interdisciplinary perspective that the PPE major provides will prepare students for careers in law, business, finance, consulting, public policy and public service, secondary and higher education, and journalism. But most importantly the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics embodies Ohio State’s motto: Education for Citizenship. Our lives and our communities are profoundly shaped by political and economic forces that often seem difficult or impossible to control. The next generation of citizens must be able to understand how these forces work, examine their impact, and think carefully about the values at stake in the choices we face. The major has three parts:

Foundations Courses
•         Statistics
•         Formal Methods
•         Moral Philosophy
•         Political Philosophy or Political Theory
•         Macroeconomics or Microeconomics
•         Political Economy

Core Courses
•         Economy, Polity and Community
•         Tradition, Progress and Utopia

Concentration Courses
•         Choice and Behavior
•         Global Cooperation and Conflict
•         Justice and Moral Reasoning
•         Law, Policy and Governance
•         ...or, design your own!

For more information please click here or contact Eric MacGilvray,, or Piers Turner,