Vaccine Hesitancy Panel Covered by Ohio State News

April 27, 2022

Vaccine Hesitancy Panel Covered by Ohio State News

Vaccine Nudge Panel

In a new article for Ohio State News, reporter Franny Lazarus covers the "Nudging the Vaccine Hesitant" panel discussion hosted earlier in the month by the Center for Ethics and Human Values and College of Pharmacy, which featured panelists Mark C. Navin (Oakland University), Kristen Carpenter (Ohio State Medicine), and Myriam Shaw Ojeda (Ohio State Pharmacy).

" 'Some nudges, in some contexts, can be very effective,' Navin said. A complicator in the case of the pandemic, however, is that there is a disagreement about whether vaccines are a public health matter or one of individual health. In the case of individual health, the chief value is informed consent. This is where the issue of nudges becomes more complex, said Shaw Ojeda. If nudges are meant to be small interventions, how informed can a patient truly be?"

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