Public/Private Photo Contest


Congratualations to the 2013-14 Public/Private COMPAS Photo Contest Winners!

The COMPAS (Conversations on Morality, Politics, and Society) program in the Ohio State Center for Ethics and Human Values sponsored a photography contest to explore the 2013-14 COMPAS theme Public/Private.
While photography can be a private art form, traditions of photojournalism and photography as public art illustrate its relevance for public matters. The two come together when, for example, per-sonal grief in the face of tragedy ends up on the front pages of newspapers. In addition to their aesthetic merit, submissions were judged on the ways in which they illuminate the themes of personal privacy and publicity, public and private in the political and economic senses, and how they interact.
See the winning photographs of the Public/Private COMPAS Photo Contest below!



1st Place: Evan Dawson, "I thought it was a man asleep,
it was a tent rolled up in itself."

2nd Place: Andrea Grottoli, "Enfant a la plage"


3rd Place: Kaethe Sandman, "Pawprints"

Advance and Recede

Honorable Mention: Robert Ladislas Derr, "Advance and Recede"


Honorable Mention: Lisa Downing, "WOMEN"


Honorable Mention: Evan Dawson, "Restoration Work"



1st Place: Amy Powell, "Cuffs"

vision, mudslide, shadow clump (no. 3)

2nd Place: Theodore Zanardelli, "vision, mudslide, shadow, clump (no. 3)"

Kids will be Kids

3rd Place: David Wai, "Kids will be Kids"

Road to Recovery

Honorable Mention: Parker Dudzik, "Road to Recovery"

Airplane Dog

Honorable Mention: Amy Powell, "Airplane Dog"


Undergraduate/Graduate Students:

1st Place: Kaylin Chen, "Streets of Manila"

We are the Media

2nd Place: Corey Reeb, "We are the Media"


3rd Place: Thomas Wright, "Leave a Letter"


Honorable Mention: Michelle Goodwin, "The Scarlet Letter"


Honorable Mention: Miao Zhou, "Rush Hour"