Sustainability Photo Contest


Congratulations to the Winners of the Second COMPAS Photo Contest!

The COMPAS (Conversations on Morality, Politics, and Society) program in the OSU Center for Ethics and Human Values sponsored its second photography contest this year to explore the COMPAS theme of Sustainability.

Perhaps the greatest cultural, economic, and technological challenge facing modern democracies and global development groups is how to respond to the depletion of natural resources and the effects of climate change. The health of the planet as well as the future shape of human society is at stake, and a photograph can tell these compelling stories like no other medium. A photograph can show us the wonders of our planet that are at stake. A photograph can show us the harsh realities we face as those wonders begin to disappear. Perhaps most importantly, a photograph can show us what we have accomplished and explore solutions to the challenges facing us. In addition to their general aesthetic merit, submissions were judged on the ways in which the photographs explore issues related to the COMPAS theme.

See below for the winner's of the Sustainability COMPAS Photo Contest!



1st Place: Sarah Laborde, "Communal fishing in the Logone Floodplain, Cameroon"

Scarred Earth

2nd Place: Danae Wolfe, "Scarred Earth"

3rd Place: Richard Burry, "Abandoned Faith"



1st Place: Holly Curry, "Ozymandias"

Horse logger, New River Valley, Virginia

2nd Place: Pradeep Edussuriya, "Horse logger, New River Valley, Virginia"

Undergraduate/Graduate Students:


1st Place: Lillianna Marie Baczeski, "Our Nation's First Offshore Windfarm"
2nd Place: Joshua Cheston, "Evaluating Green Space"
3rd Place: Nall Moonilall, "Yellow Beauty"
Honorable Mention: Brooke Hall, "Fabricate"