Who We Are


Don Hubin


Donald Hubin is our Director and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy. Don specializes in ethics, philosophy of law, and political philosophy. Don has led the Center effort from the start and has been a core organizer of every COMPAS program. He has worked on a variety of topics, including theories of distributive justice and the nature and justification of cost/benefit analysis. He currently has two primary research interests: first, the nature of practical rationality and the relationship between morality and rationality; and, second, the nature and basis of parental rights and responsibilities. During good weather, he can often be found riding his motorcycle or driving his Miata. 




Piers Turner
COMPAS Coordinator


Piers Turner is our COMPAS Coordinator and Associate Professor of Philosophy. He was co-leader of the “democratic governance” group that initiated the first COMPAS program and has been central to the development of the Center. Besides continuing to work on COMPAS, Piers has arranged many ethics events and is developing further programming for the Center. His research focuses on the moral and political philosophy of John Stuart Mill. He is also co-editor of After The Open Society (Routledge, 2008), a collection of previously unpublished political writings by Karl Popper, and is co-editing a volume entitled Public Reason in the History of Political Philosophy. Whenever he can, he likes to retreat to the Adirondacks of New York State.




Steven Brown
Associate Director


Steven Brown is our Associate Director. Steve completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy at the Ohio State University in 2012. Since then he has been working to bridge the gap between academia and the outside world, especially with regard to key ethical issues such as extreme global poverty. He has more kids than you think he does and too many hobbies.



Greg Hitzhusen is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the School of Environment and Natural Resources. Greg joined the COMPAS team for the 2015-16 COMPAS Program on Sustainability. Among other contributions, he was the person most responsible for bringing Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, to campus after the publication of Pope Francis’s environmental encyclical. Greg is also a leader of Ohio Interfaith Power and Light, and is active in the Columbus and OSU environmental communities.



Corey Katz

Corey Katz joins us this year for a two-year post-doctoral fellowship. During his tenure, Corey will help COMPAS continue the conversation from the 2015-16 program on Sustainability through teaching as well as organizing interdisciplinary events related to the ethics of sustainable development. Corey’s research focuses on climate change and global justice.





Eric MacGilvray is an Associate Professor of Political Science and was a member of the Innovation Group that founded the Center for Ethics and Human Values and co-leader of the “democratic governance” group that initiated the first COMPAS program, on Immigration. He has played an integral role in every COMPAS program and is a core contributor to the Center’s planning efforts. His work is primarily on liberalism, republicanism, and public reason. His most recent book is The Invention of Market Freedom (Cambridge).




Michael Neblo is an Associate Professor of Political Science was also a member of the Innovation Group that founded the Center for Ethics and Human Values and an initiator of the COMPAS program. Michael’s continued work on COMPAS and other Center projects has focused on connecting the Center with efforts to promote effective democratic deliberation. His book is entitled Deliberative Democracy between Theory and Practice (Cambridge).





Pamela Salsberry, is Associate Dean for Community Outreach and Engagement and Professor Health Behavior and Health Promotion in the College of Public Health. Pamela has has been part of the Center effort since its inception and joins the COMPAS team this year as an organizer for the 2016-17 Inequality COMPAS Program. Pamela brings expertise on public health and connections within the university and the discipline at large. Besides her work in public health, Pam also has a PhD in philosophy. 




Our board of advisors and a list of affiliated faculty can be found in our directory.