2022-2023 COMPAS Program: Education in Our Democracy


The Center for Ethics and Human Values (CEHV) welcomes proposals from faculty, staff, and students to host events that reflect the theme of our upcoming 2022-2023 COMPAS Program: “Education in our Democracy.”

CEHV anticipates offering small grants of $1500 for speaker events and will only consider more ambitious proposals as exceptional cases. Preference will be given to proposals that focus on explicit exploration or discussion of an ethical question related to our theme. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals that widen the disciplinary scope of the COMPAS program. All proposed events must occur during the 2022-2023 academic year.

These grant-supported events will be organized and hosted by the applicants. CEHV will serve as co-sponsor, advertising the events as part of the COMPAS program on “Education in our Democracy.”

Deadline: applications will be considered on a rolling basis until June 15, 2022.


Submit a Proposal


For more information, please contact CEHV Director Piers Turner (turner.894@osu.edu) or COMPAS Coordinator Winston C. Thompson (thompson.3588@osu.edu).