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Compas Points:

  • COMPAS Points Vol. 1: What do Ohio State students believe about economic inequality, security, and opportunity?

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Mass Incarceration:


Fall Conference Resources:


Session 1: Why and when does inequality matter?

Speakers: Derrick Darby (Philosophy, Michigan), Rekha Nath (Philosophy, Alabama)
Moderator: Don Hubin (CEHV and Philosophy emeritus, Ohio State)

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Introductory slide with the title of the talk and the names of the speakers: Derrick Darby, Rekha Nath, and Don Hubin



Session 2: Keynote, "Inequality: the enemy between us?"

Speakers: Richard Wilkinson (Social Epidemiology, Nottingham, emeritus)
Moderator: Michael Neblo (CEHV and Political Science, Ohio State)

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Inequality and Social Dysfunction



Session 3: Mass Incarceration

Speakers: Townsand Price-Spratlen (Sociology and AAAS, Ohio State), Sara Wakefield (Criminal Justice, Rutgers)
Moderator: Robert Bennett, III (Office of International Affairs & Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Ohio State)




How Mass Incarceration Matters: Returning Citizens and Principled Transformations Mass Incarceration and Inequality



Session 4: Neighborhoods and Social Inequality

Speakers: Rachel Kleit (Knowlton School, Ohio State), Christopher Browning (Sociology, Ohio State)
Moderator: Rachel Dwyer (Sociology, OSU)

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What Can We Do About Neighborhood Inequality? Housing's Role Neighborhood Inequality, Social Environment, and Health



Session 5: Health Disparities

Speakers: Paula Braveman (Family and Community Medicine, UCSF), Robert Fullilove (Public Health, Columbia)
Speaker/Moderator: William Gardner (Child Psychiatry and Epidemiology, Ottawa) 

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How do economic inequality and racism create health inequality? Black Lives Matter



Session 6: Economic Inequality and Democracy

Speakers: Jason Brennan (Philosophy, Georgetown), Jeffrey Winters (Political Science, Northwestern)
Moderator: Eric MacGilvray (CEHV and Political Science, Ohio State)

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What kind of value does political equality have?