Gifty Ado-Adounvo.

Gifty Ako-Adounvo
Assistant Vice Provost and the...

Picture for allen.952

Ann Allen
Associate Professor of Educational...
(614) 292-0289
  • Educational politics and policy
  • School governance reforms
  • School-community relationships

Picture for bartley.83

Timothy Bartley
Associate Professor of Sociology
(614) 688-1364
  • Work, Economy & Organization;...
  • Gender, Race & Class; Social...
  • Comparative & Historical;...

Picture for arnold.680

Kate Bartter
Director, Office of Energy and...

Picture for bielicki.2

Jeffrey Bielicki
Assistant Professor of Public Affairs...
(614) 688-2113

Picture for brooke.10

John Brooke
Humanities Distinguished Professor of...
(614) 292-8757
  • American History
  • US History to 1877

Picture for brooks.719

Jeremy Brooks
Assistant Professor
(614) 292-9787
  • Cultural evolution and sustainable...
  • Social dimensions of sustainable...
  • Well-being and sustainability

Picture for brown.930

Michelle Brown
Administrative Associate
(614) 292-7914

Picture for brown.2703

Steven Brown
Associate Director
(614) 292-7914
  • Ethics

Picture for brown.2296

Trevor Brown
Dean of the John Glenn College of...
  • Alternative service delivery...
  • Performance measurement and...
  • Organizational capacity

Picture for Bystydzienski.1

Jill Bystydzienski
Chair and Professor of Women's,...
(614) 292-1021
  • Women’s movements and feminisms in...
  • Women, gender and politics in...
  • Advancement of girls and women in...

Picture for carlarne.1

Cinnamon Carlarne
Associate Professor of Law
(614) 247-6347
  • Environmental Law
  • Torts

Picture for chen.1276

Joyce Chen
Assistant Professor of Agricultural,...
(614) 292-9613
  • Economics

Picture for clark.1099

Jill Clark
Assistant Professor of Public Affairs...
(614) 292-2548

Picture for cohen.308

Amy Cohen
Associate Professor in Law
(614) 247-8459
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Democratic Governance
  • Economic and Social Development

Picture for cohen.319

Jeffrey Cohen
Professor of Anthropology
(614) 247-7872

Picture for darms.1

Justin D'Arms
Professor of Philosophy
(614) 292-8139
  • Moral Psychology
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Emotion

Picture for diaz.6

Jose Diaz
Associate Professor and Curator of...
(614) 688-4649
  • History

Picture for dormady.1

Noah Dormady
Assistant Professor in Public Affairs
(614) 688-1668
  • Energy Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Collaborative Governance

Picture for dressler.11

Joshua Dressler
Distinguished University Professor and...
(614) 688-3145
  • Criminal Law
  • Death Penalty
  • Sentencing

Picture for essig.1

Garth Essig
Doctor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Picture for ettlinger.1

Nancy Ettlinger
Associate Professor of Geography
(614) 292-2573

Picture for frank.219

Reanne Frank
Associate Professor of Sociology
(614) 247-4679
  • Immigration
  • Demography
  • Health

Picture for freeman.259

Kevin Freeman
Program Coordinator of the Politics,...
(614) 247-7821

Picture for garrity-rokous.1

Gates Garrity-Rokous
Vice President and Chief Compliance...

Picture for girth.1

Amanda Girth
Assistant Professor in Public Affairs
(614) 247-8134
  • Performance management
  • Public and nonprofit management
  • Government contracting and public-...

Picture for goscilo.1

Helena Goscilo
Professor and Chair of Slavic and...
(614) 247-1790
  • Visual culture, esp. art, graphics...
  • Russian culture, esp. 20th &...
  • Film Adaptation

Picture for hawkins.312

Tom Hawkins
Associate Professor of Classics,...
(614) 292-2744
  • Greek Poetry
  • Iambic Invective
  • Imperial Greek Literature

Picture for hitzhusen.3

Gregory Hitzhusen
Assistant Professor of Professional...
(614) 292-7739

Picture for howard.1146

Dana Howard
Instructor in the Division of...

Picture for hoy.1

Casey Hoy
Professor, Kellogg Endowed Chair in...
(330) 263-3611
  • Agricultural Ecosystems Management
  • Agroecosystem Health
  • Developing Local Economies Rooted...

Picture for hubin.1

Donald Hubin
Director, CEHV
(614) 688-1620
  • Ethics
  • Social & Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Law

Picture for huefner.4

Steven Huefner
Associate Dean of Clinical Programs...
(614) 292-1763
  • Legislative Process
  • Democratic Theory
  • Election Law

Picture for johnson.4597

Christa Johnson
Graduate Administrative Associate
(614) 292-3663
  • Ethics
  • Moral Psychology

Picture for katz.371

Corey Katz
Sustainability Ethics Post-Doctoral...
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Political Philosophy
  • Medical Ethics

Picture for lawrence.578

Susan Lawrence
Associate Professor of History
(614) 292-5476
  • Science, Technology, and Society
  • History of Medicine

Picture for livingston.28

Robert E. Livingston
Associate Director, Humanities...
(614) 247-6763
  • 20th Century Literature
  • Postcolonial Theory
  • Literary and Cultural Theory

Picture for macgilvray.2

Eric MacGilvray
Associate Professor of Political...
(614) 292-3710
  • Modern & Contemporary Liberal...
  • Modern & Contemporary...
  • American Pragmatism

Picture for madsen.34

Kenneth Madsen
Associate Professor of Geography
(740) 364-9643
  • Political & Cultural Geography
  • Borders and Bordering
  • Geography of Film and Fiction

Picture for mancini.55

Gia Mancini
Research Intern

Picture for martin.1720

Brian Martin
Associate Dean, ADM-Medicine...
(202) 782-8088

Picture for massof.2

Allison Massof
Graduate Administrative Associate
(614) 292-3663
  • Biomedical Ethics

Picture for mckean.41

Benjamin McKean
Assistant Professor of Political...

Picture for Mckittrick-Sweitzer.1

Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer
Graduate Administrative Assistant
  • Ethics
  • Political Philosophy

Picture for mekhjian.1

Hagop Mekhjian
Associate Vice President of Health...
(614) 293-4370

Picture for minozzi.1

William Minozzi
Associate Professor of Political...
(614) 247-7017

Picture for moore.11

Richard Moore
Executive Director, Environmental...
  • Agroecosystems Management
  • Watershed Social Ecology
  • Water quality trading

Picture for moulton.23

Stephanie Moulton
Assistant Professor in Public Affairs
(614) 247-8161
  • Intersection between public, non-...
  • Public policy analysis and...

Picture for nash.230

Ryan Nash
Associate Professor of Medicine,...
(614) 366-8405

Picture for neblo.1

Michael Neblo
Associate Professor of Political...
(614) 292-7839
  • Political Theory
  • Political Psychology / Political...

Picture for nespor.2

Jan Nespor
Professor of Education
(614) 688-4288
  • Urban education and educational...
  • Qualitative research

Picture for osmer.1

Patrick Osmer
Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and...
(614) 292-6031

Picture for otterson.1

Gregory Otterson
Professor, Internal Medicine, College...
(614) 293-9424

Picture for papadimos.1

Thomas Papadimos
Professor of Medicine, Clinical...
(614) 366-1821

Picture for passino.1

Kevin Passino
Professor of Electrical and Computer...
(614) 292-7596

Picture for perry.2016

Korrin Perry
Administrative Intern

Picture for phelan.1

James Phelan
Distinguished University Professor of...
  • Narrative Theory
  • Critical Theory
  • Twentieth-Century British and...

Picture for raadschelders.1

Jos Raadschelders
Professor and Associate Director of...
(614) 688-4325

Picture for ralph.52

Anne Ralph
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
(614) 247-4797
  • Civil Litigation
  • Election Law
  • Legal Writing and Research

Picture for reider.2

Carson Reider
Clinical Research Consultant and...
(614) 293-9274

Picture for rudesill.2

Dakota Rudesill
Assistant Professor of Law
(614) 688-2059
  • Clinical Education
  • Cybersecurity and Cyberspace
  • Federal Budget Process

Picture for salsberry.1

Pamela Salsberry
Associate Dean for Community Outreach...
(614) 292-4907

Picture for seiber.7

Eric Seiber
Assistant Professor of Health Services...
(614) 247-4471
  • Health Care Reforms
  • Health Insurance
  • Immigrant Children

Picture for shane.29

Peter Shane
Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II...
(614) 688-3014
  • Administrative Law
  • Civic Engagement
  • Constitutional Law

Picture for shuman.1

Amy Shuman
Professor of English, Anthropology,...
(614) 292-6065
  • Narrative
  • Theory
  • Ethnic Identity

Picture for sohngen.1

Brent Sohngen
Professor, Department of Agricultural...
(614) 688-4640
  • Natural Resource &...
  • Modeling land-use/land-cover change
  • Timber market modeling

Picture for stone.8

Linda Stone
Emeritus Professor of Medicine
(614) 293-8792

Picture for taylor.507

Robert Taylor
Associate Professor of Clinical...
(614) 293-4969

Picture for turner.894

Piers Turner
Associate Professor of Philosophy,...
(614) 202-2578
  • Ethics
  • Mill
  • Political Philosophy

Picture for urban.41

Hugh Urban
Religion COMPAS Consultant; Director,...

Picture for valdez.39

Inés Valdez Tappatá
Assistant Professor of Political...
(614) 247-8729

Picture for vest.45

Matthew Vest
Assistant Director of Graduate...

Picture for wagner.911

Caroline Wagner
Associate Professor, Ambassador Milton...
(614) 292-7791
  • Science and Technology Policy

Picture for walker.1432

Christopher Walker
Assistant Professor of Law
(614) 247-1898
  • Administrative Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legislation

Picture for warnick.11

Bryan Warnick
Associate Professor, Department of...
(614) 292-8212
  • Philosophy of education
  • Ethics of educational policy and...
  • History of educational thought

Picture for weaver.877

Bryan Weaver
Lecturer in Computer Science and...
  • Philosophy of Normativity
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Perception

Picture for weiner.141

Isaac Weiner
Religion COMPAS Consultant; Associate...

Picture for weisenberger.21

Jan Weisenberger
Senior Associate Vice President,...
(614) 247-4764

Picture for youngs.6

Amy Youngs
Associate Professor of Art
(614) 292-5072
  • Art & Technology

Picture for zadnik.4

Karla Zadnik
Dean, College of Optometry; Co-Chair...
(614) 292-6603

Picture for zadnik.4

Karla Zadnik
Dean and Glenn A. Fry Professor in...